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Maybe you’ve played the game Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid. If not, the idea is you control a hippo and make them gobble up little marble like balls, and whoever gets the most wins. Well, if you did play it, you maybe remember with such enthusiasm you would control the hippos to get the balls as fast as you could. It is that wild frenzy that you see in sexy BBWs when they are hungry for cock.

When you check out this new discount to My XXX Paradise for 52% off, you are going to find hot plus sized babes who are hot and horny and always ready for a good fuck. There’s just nothing like a BBW to show you what a real appetite is, and that is exactly the same for some dick. When they want something, they are going to treat themselves, and their hunger for sex is unparalleled. Check it out for yourself and see just how hot and horny these rolly poly naughty babes are!

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I’ve always had a thing for BBW. I just prefer curves over stick figure girls. I tend to get a little aggressive in bed and having a girl that can withstand the pounding is important to me. With petite women I’m always afraid I’m going to hurt them and have to be gentle. Even when I’m watching porn, I feel the same.

Going to Bbwdiscounts.com, I found out I could use this link for 50% off My BBW GF. It was like a dream come true. This site has the largest archive of hot teen BBWs I’ve ever seen. In fact there’s so much content I wouldn’t ever be able to get through it in this lifetime. Most of the material is of BBW girlfriends that is shot by their boyfriends and then submitted. Even though all of these gorgeous plumpers are amateur, their sexual appetites are insatiable and they’re eager to please. Just about anything goes here and viewers will enjoy a large variety of action including blowjobs, anal sex and deep penetration.


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If you want to watch beautiful busty babes get fucked then you’re in the right place. This site features only the sexiest ladies with the nicest racks. Each of these hotties is very well aware of just how hot she is and they’ll seduce you from first sight. I’ve always been a fan of big tits and titty fucking is one of my favorite things to do. When I first meet a lady I’m judging whether or not her rack is big enough to slide my cock through or not. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve blown off many nice women just because their tits didn’t do the trick.

If you feel the same way about boobs as I do, then you should take advantage of this NF Busty discount for up to 78% off. You won’t find a site with better quality. When I say that I’m talking about the ladies of course, but I’m also referring to the video. Each shot is crystal clear and will have you feeling like you’re right there in the room with the action.

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If you like live xxx cams with fat girls then you’re in the right place. This site features only the sexiest big girls that love to turn you on. They get off on having an audience and can’t wait to put on a show. You have to figure most of these girls have probably been put down and overlooked because of their size. It’s a damn shame if you ask me. You won’t catch me with some little toothpick looking broad. I want my girl to have a little meat on her bones. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think a girl should be unhealthy, but I don’t think she should be hungry either.

This site has only the hottest girls putting on the best shows just for you. The fact that you’re watching gives them all little extra moisture down below. It doesn’t matter to me if their going solo or if they decide to have a partner. I just like watching them get off. That’s what really trips my trigger.

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If you aren’t familiar with Leanne Crow, but love chubby chicks with amazing natural tits, then today is your day. Smutie.com has tons of free BBW porn pics and links to where you can get even more. When I saw Leanne featured on the site, I knew they had great taste.

Leanne is British and grew up in England. She first got recognized while participating in a contest for Page 3. Later, she was picked up by Pinup Files and her popularity soared. This is a woman with curves. Her ass is spectacular, her thighs are like trunks, and those boobs are nothing short of phenomenal. Leanne is all natural and needs a JJ cup size!

As a glamour model strictly, Leanne doesn’t do any hardcore. Not only that, but she won’t spread pussy either. She does bust those mountainous knockers out regularly though!

Other hefty hotties with sexy pics on Smutie include Lucy V, Rachel Aldana, Jessica Roberts, Alex Chance, and September Carrino, to name just a few. It’s basically a visual paradise.

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It makes sense to shop around and find the best all-around deal. This is no different when it comes to choosing the best porn deal. Some sites claim to be the best or have it all, but you have to find what’s best for you. When it comes to hardcore porn though, the choice is beyond clear. Bang.com has the best bang for your hard-earned buck.

Bang.com is a mega-site. They feature almost 15,000 of the hottest sluts out there, spanning every possible niche. We’re talking shemale, reality, anal, double & triple penetration, fetish, gangbangs, group, creampie, voyeur, facials, ebony, 18+ teen, BBW, Interracial, Asian, hairy pussies, you name it! If your goal is to find the perfect scenes to blow your load, this network definitely has you covered.

As is expected, these scenes are all shot in stunning 4K Ultra HD or 1080 Full HD. That alone makes every set of bouncing titties even more infinitely beautiful than they already are.

So hurry and snatch up this 65% off discount at Bang.com before it’s gone!


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Guys who share naked pics and sex tapes of their ex girlfriends are low life bastards. It’s wrong on a lot of different levels. I have never done that. That doesn’t mean I am much better on the morality scale though. Truth be told, I’ll say it’s wrong but that won’t stop me from looking at what they’ve leaked and jacking off to it. I know it’s wrong, but I am still going to look at it, give it traffic, and drain my balls, taking pleasure in her humiliation. I guess I’m probably a low life bastard too. The world is really fucked.

It looks like the DaGFs Network started out painting the image of being a place that leaks revenge porn videos. Over time though, it has become obvious that these are really paid performers. That doesn’t lessen the fantasy for me at all. If anything it makes me feel better about watching it.

My favorite site in the network is Busty GFs Exposed. I get to see tons of amateur chicks with big tits getting fucked and taking facials. If you want to see it all too, save 67% off now with a Busty GFs Exposed discount. The entire network of girlfriend porn will be unlocked for you.

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For whatever reason, a lot of guys like to act like fat chicks are gross. I don’t get it. They were raised by a fat mom and now have a fat wife that they must be fucking because they keep reproducing, so why are they acting so bothered by a BBW? They need to just fess up to loving the large, because the fit girls don’t want anything to do with them anyway.

The hefty ladies always seem more down to earth, and are just nicer in general. They are more interested in having fun and pleasing their partner than they are with looking ready for a selfie at every single moment. At least, that has been my experience.

When I am looking for plumper porn, I don’t go looking for shock or nasty. I like it high quality with beautiful chunky models who like to smile, and don’t hold back on the orgasms. ChubbyLoving.com meets all of that criteria and I’ve been very happy with what I have found there. If you appreciate super sized vixens like I do, then you should get Chubby Loving for 51% off with this discount while the offer lasts.

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If you want to find the best in big girl porn, I have a treat for you. Here you will find real BBW babes, who exude sexy from every inch of their voluptuous bodies.

These girls aren’t ashamed of their size, or their sex appeal. You won’t find these girls being shy and trying to suck in their tummies or hide their cellulite and rolls. You will see them embracing their bodies as the sexy goddesses that we know they are, and celebrating their sexuality in hot hardcore scenes for you to enjoy!

When you sign up and get a big ass discount of 34% off on Plumper Pass by using our link, you will find yourself with unlimited access to every video on this amazing site, which is well over 2,500 total. Not only that, but you can enjoy all of the amazing bonus content like cam show archives.

No matter what experience you’re looking for, with hundreds of hot and curvy women letting it all hang out in the best ways possible, you are sure to get off to this HD action again and again!

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I’m not saying there’s not a lot to love about a curvy BBW babe. But what I will say, is that for many, their giant tits are usually a real pull. So for all of you boob men out there, you’re going to want to use this massive discount for massive savings at Scoreland.com, and unlock the hottest site online for all of the jumbo sets of tits on the hottest babes you have ever seen!

This site has it all, with hot hardcore action featuring extremely well endowed ladies! Many are plus sized sirens, though you will see plenty with slimmer physiques as well. But the one thing they all have in common is phenomenal large breasts!

They keep the content coming with new updates every day, which means you can expect to be cumming every time you return to see what’s new!  And with mobile access available you will want to check back and enjoy all of these hot HD vids all the time!

Check here for discounts to big tits porn like this one and forever expand your spank bank to include the best deals on the planet!

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That’s probably more than a pound of pussy right there and I’d like to pound that pussy right there. I’m amazed and aroused in equal parts simultaneously.

I simply had to have a closer look and then i was hooked on the seemingly endless ocean of chubby chicks, super-sized tits and booty for miles. A 51% off discount to Chubby Loving means that the regular membership fee has been reduced by more than half. Your contribution also unlocks an additional site for free: Old Spunkers. Even if that’s not your thing, free is free.

There are some BBW at Chubby Loving that I just wanted to slap in the thigh and take the first wave in. Bury my face in their tits as I bang away to bring them to ecstasy.

Is it just me or do the bigger ladies seem to enjoy getting fucked more than the skinny ones?

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If you think a sexy fatty can’t move around in the bedroom, you’d be wrong. Once the cock comes out, the clothes are off, my friend. Here’s where you can save up to 44% with a Plumper Pass discount. You can join up shorter term, of course, but you won’t get as big of a deal and there’s tons of videos here to get through. Over 2,000 to be exact. And regular updates are coming in all the time, so the yearly deal is well-worth it.

So are these gorgeous fat sluts. There’s more than 400 horny BBWs here showing off their sexy skills. What can they do? Anything a skinny broad can do, but perhaps even better. Have you ever had fat sex? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. There’s rolls and body parts everywhere, cushion for the pushin’ and you’re sure to get hands and mouths full.

What better to go with a BBW than a BBC? You’ll find some white guys are packin’ here too though. Have a look around and grab your deal; despite popular belief, these deals don’t actually last forever.

Hold on to your hats guys, because you are about to be blown away. This discount of 89% off to Porn Megaload is going to bring all of your wet dreams to fruition in ways you never thought would be possible with one network! You’ll be glad it’s a lifetime discount, because believe me, once you subscribe, you will never want to go back again.

Let me start of by saying, this megasite actually gives you access to ten hot niche sites, all of which are equally tantalizing, but bring their own unique flavor to your experience. I particularly love XL Girls, which as you can imagine, brings you hot BBWs in amazing porn scenes where the intense fucking is larger than life!

Scoreland also has plenty of curvaceous cuties, but they aren’t all necessarily plus size. They do however all have amazing curves and big bouncy tits that you will love to see jiggle in these hot hardcore videos!

You will also get access to 40SomethingMag.com, 18eighteen.com, and much more, so whatever it is you desire, you will find it here!

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A part of the reason why guys act like total male bitches is because they are fearful of women. For some reason or other, most guys are scared shitless of women. This is why guys act in extremes. One extreme is that they would come off as smooth and domineering and confident so they can get into those panties. On the other extreme is that they let women walk over them. Neither of these situations is optimal.

You have to be comfortable in your own skin and start communicating with women as equals. Don’t look at them as just people who just happen to have what you’re looking for. In other words, according to this thinking, it’s perfectly okay to lie and cheat these women so they can give up the pussy. You don’t have to stoop that low. You don’t have to destroy your humanity just so you can get pussy.

You can simply be comfortable in your own skin by finding certain things that you can be proud of and reflecting this to women. They are naturally drawn to confidence. That’s hardwired into their DNA. They can’t resist that. They also have a natural in born way of detecting bullshitters so come correct. Be real.

The best way to do this is to stare your fears in the eye and look past them. It’s not going to happen overnight but the more you do it, the more you’ll start living life in such a way that your fears are not dictating our actions.

A little compassion goes a long way

What is the secret of guys who get pussy regularly? Very simple; https://www.findlocalfuck.com . They are able to step into the shoes of the women they are trying to impress. In other words, they are able to look at the world from the perspective of chicks that they want to bang. Of course, a lot of these guys are scumbags because all they want is sex. But if you are able to look past that, you would see the secret here.

The secret is by simply becoming more selfless, you will be able to achieve your otherwise selfish goals. Ironic, isn’t it? But that’s how the world works. In fact, expert sales people, people who sell millions of dollars’ worth of merchandise every single year know this first hand. They have a rule. To get what you want you must first give people what they want. Apply that rule to your sex life and you will be drowning in pussy, guaranteed.

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Personally, I think large ladies don’t always get enough credit for their sex appeal. I mean, we only just started seeing bigger models out in mainstream society showing off clothing lines and what-not, right? That’s just sad. Real life is full of BBWs. Those babes that are ‘perfect’ and size zero or whatever are not the norm.

Actually, many years ago, someone thin was considered sickly. The fatter you were, the richer you were and were perceived to be. It meant you were living the good life and eating well, and you probably had some well-known name and title. Well, check out this fat discount to XLGirls.com and get in on nature’s bounty my friends.

Hey, also, if you want to stay up-to-date with all the latest deals on the hottest sites, then you need to have a look on this site and bookmark the page. You’ll find a lot of major networks here, and also, tons of BBW niches within their folds. Like, the GF Network for sure has My BBW GF if you’re into a younger, heavier babe.

Lusciously Plump Women

There are a lot of men out there that would feel overshadowed by a real woman with really large tits. Thank your lucky stars that you are not one of them. Instead of feeling out of place nestled between 38GG tits, you feel as if you are exactly where you need to be. Get off on some fabulously sexy BBW babes with this XL Girls discount from Porn Discounts!

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